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Meet the New Standard in Software as a Service, Cloud Based Coworking Management Tools.

From unlimited locations and membership management, to real-time room reservations, along with daily and monthly stats, invoicing and communication; the EZ Manager is the only, SaaS Online Membership Management Solution for your Coworking space or shared-office space – period.

Simplicity is Our Best Feature

Ease of use, minimal code, clean UI and powerful tools all work in harmony so you can concentrate on what matters most; the valuable members at your coworking space.

Our Pricing

Our pricing structure is not based on the number of members you have, but the number of physical locations you may have as well as hardware and server configurations. Our core application features are included in every plan.

Are You Ready to get Started?

Sign up for a 14 day free trial account today to experience how easy it is to manage your Coworking space online. You won’t be disappointed! Everything to gain, nothing to lose…