Application Features

Welcome to the features of the EZ Manager.
A cloud based management solution for your Coworking space!

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Core Application Features

The below core application features come available with every account, no matter the package that is chosen. We’ve created powerful tools for every Coworking Space or Shared Office Space! Visit this page often as we are continually adding features and services.

Highlighted Core Features

Other Core Features

  • Unlimited Members Watch
  • Create Teams Watch
  • Prorate Signups

  • Manage Taxes Watch
  • Unlimited Rooms Watch
  • Unlimited Room Bookings Watch
  • Unlimited Membership Types Watch
  • Unlimited Membership Addons Watch
  • Unlimited Industries Watch
  • Unlimited Mailboxes

  • Unlimited Lockers Watch
  • Unlimited Administrators

  • Unlimited Staff Members

  • Define a Team Captain

  • Unlimited Team Members

  • Realtime Mailbox Notifications Watch
  • Internal Member Notes Watch
  • Mass Communication Watch
  • Individual Communication Watch
  • eNewsletters Watch
  • eNewsletter Logging

  • Email Specific Member Types Watch
  • Booking allotments per member Watch
  • Social Media Integration

  • Manage Member Profiles Watch
  • Free Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

  • Member Sorting & Listing

  • Daily/Monthly Venue Tracking

  • Custom Membership Agreements Watch
  • Realtime Calendar Engine Watch
  • Color Coordinated Rooms

  • Assign Mailboxes Per Member

  • Assign Lockers Per Member

  • Spotify Playlist Integration

  • Secure and Fast

  • Stripe Integration Watch

Exclusive Platinum Features

The following features are available exclusively through our Platinum Package.

Dedicated VPS Server

A dedicated and fully managed Virtual Private Server* exclusively for your account and data.

Unlimited Locations

The Platinum Package comes with the ability to manage unlimited locations through a Super Admin account. Watch

White Label

Upload a custom logo and name the management tool to anything you like to match your corporate identity and brand messaging.

Static IP Address

Your Virtual Private Server will come with a clean Static IP address that is exclusively yours and shared with no one else.

Multiple Geographic Regions

You can choose from one of four geographic data centers for your server location. California, New York, Texas or Florida.

Phone Support

As a Platinum Package subscriber, you will be given a phone number to call in the event you need technical or customer support.

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Our Pricing

Our pricing structure is not based on the number of members you have, but the number of physical locations you may have as well as hardware and server configurations. Our core application features are included in every plan.